Review the Design and Layout of Spotify
Review the Design and Layout of Spotify

Review the Design and Layout of Spotify

The layout of the spotify app and web player is intuitive, efficient, and intriguingly laid out. The design of Spotify is clean, black, with grey text. Hovering the mouse over any text highlights it, changing the text colour to white. 

The home screen bears a banner of newly released music which (based on your listening algorithms) the app predicts you might like. Underneath this banner, you’re shown 6 playlists or albums which you’ve saved and been listening to intensively. Below that are the most recent playlists or albums you’ve played (even for a single song).

The Home Page of Spotify

As you scroll further down, Spotify predicts artists, albums, and playlists which you might enjoy, based on your recent listening. 

If you choose to search a piece of music, the page shows you both your most recent searches (be it artists, songs, or playlists), and your top genres – the top genre always seems to be pop, no matter what you listen to. Below your top genres, you can browse all categories, each with their own muted coloured icon.

The Search and Browse Function
The Search and Browse Function

Below the search icon, you can see your personal library, broken into playlists you’ve created or saved, artists you follow, or albums you’ve saved. The main focus of this page is “Liked Songs” – a feature I understand the importance of, but rarely use, except as a sort of dumping ground before the song is appropriately sorted. All my songs are categorized into playlists with other “like minded” songs so to speak. A feature which I particularly appreciate is the ability to create an album cover for each of the playlists you create. Each of my playlists gets a specially curated photo which I photoshop myself to match the exact mood or theme of the playlist. The latest Spotify update allows you to change the album cover from your phone as well as from the desktop app (finally!).

A listing of your playlists (conveniently ordered  by recently created) is listed on the left hand side, below the “home” “search” and “your library” shortcuts.

Your Library

On the right hand side, you can see what your friends are listening to, or have been listening to recently. This is, at face value, an interesting way to discover new music. It’s also a good way to check in on the mental wellbeing of your friends. While many are not comfortable reaching out when they need support, it’s fairly easy to tell when you look at the music they are listening to recently (Cigarettes After Sex for 4 days straight? Bring them a casserole). 

Side and Bottom Bar Functions

Along the bottom of the screen, you can see the song you’re currently listening to (in the far left corner). You can add this song to any playlist by clicking it, dragging it, and dropping it into any of the playlist buckets above it. On the far right, you can see the queue of songs which are to play, you can see the device which you are currently streaming music on, and you can adjust the volume of the music. This is a nice feature if you want to listen to music softly while you also listen to a lecture recording.

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