Feedback on Main Character
Feedback on Main Character

Feedback on Main Character

This week I reviewed Emily Sweenie’s website, Main Character.

Immediately upon clicking on the site and being greeted by the homepage, it’s clear what this blog aims to do, and who the target audience is. The aesthetic of the blog also indicates its audience, the yellow hues and faded black in particular appeal to young people. 

The images of main character women in the media establishes that Emily is targeting young women who would be inspired by the likes of Christina Yang, Black Widow, and Cher Horowitz. Just to put my two cents in there, I think that Elle Woods belongs on that leaderboard as well!

In her first blog post (Welcome to Main Character) Emily addresses young women, putting forth her mission statement of uplifting women (and oneself) and promoting a culture of confidence and self love – a worthy mission to say the least! Generally speaking, Emily is moving to advance this mission by creating a public of young women, with the discourse being centred around empowerment and self love (Publics and Counter-publics). Emily also facilitates this discourse in many ways, commonly posting discussions about lessons from empowered women in media (Lessons from Beth Harmon, Lessons From Christina Yang, Lessons from Black Widow).

If I can make one suggestion it would be to have a post linking out a Spotify playlist – every main character needs their soundtrack!

Here is my “Main Character” playlist, as an example! I think that music is an important aspect of being a main character, and adding links to Spotify (or apple music if that’s your jam) could be highly interesting for your audience, and hugely beneficial for your site!


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