Responding To An Overdose
Responding To An Overdose

Responding To An Overdose

I was going through our emergency response kit at work to make sure it was stocked up, and I noticed we had some Narcan which had expired. I thought I’d use this opportunity to try my hand at a vlog post and explain how to respond to an overdose.

For context, when I say that there are a high number of overdose deaths in BC – not including deaths during the month of December, we lost 1,584 people to overdoses in 2020. 

Something really important from the video that I just want to stress again is that Narcan does wear off after 30 minutes. Ideally, the person who has overdosed will go to the hospital, but it’s pretty common (in my experience anyway) that the person will not want to go to the hospital. If this is the case, make sure they are not left alone, and that you (or whoever is staying with them), has more Narcan!

Also remember, mouth to mouth is not recommended during COVID19 unless the person who’s overdosing is in your covid bubble.

Here are some other resources for responding to overdoses…

And here is where I got my information on overdose deaths from last year…

Overdose Deaths Statistics, BC, 2020

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